Effective Wayfinding Signage Solutions from ProSigns Oman

ProSigns is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and installing wayfinding signage for indoor and outdoor purposes across Oman. Our wayfinding designs are easily comprehensible and hence, widely seen in leading shopping malls, offices, hotels, airports, parks, streets and footpaths.

We believe that a good wayfinding sign can eliminate the need for human assistance and Google Maps to take your customers to their destination. Therefore, our designers draw inspiration from natural cues and universal symbols to produce signs that everyone understands, irrespective of nationality and generation. While choosing the material, colour, size and graphics, we also make sure that your brand identity is manifested whilst providing support for easy navigation.

As a top-rated wayfinding signage company in Oman, we also have digital wayfinding signage solutions with different display options to add value to different environments.

Types of Wayfinding Signage at ProSigns Oman:
ProSigns’ wayfinding solutions can be grouped under four categories:

  • Directional: Used for finding locations
  • Identification signs: Signs that represent a building or place like schools, hospitals
  • Informational: Signage that provides information on a particular area like visitation time, facts about the place
  • Regulatory: Signs that speak about the rules to be followed in particular place.

Why Should You Invest in Wayfinding Signage Systems?
Wayfinding boards can benefit you as much as they benefit your customers:

  • Establish you brand identity and presence
  • Enhance your credibility
  • Make your customers aware of your location
  • Generate a feeling that you are available within a geographical location

Wayfinding signs depend largely on the type of environment and the people that visit the place. If you let’s know your requirements by phone +968 2 485 2662 or mail hello@om.prosignsglobal.com, we’ll be able to help you find a product from our range or customise a solution based on your idea.

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