Leading Video Wall Manufacturers in Oman

ProSigns is Oman’s preferred video wall manufacturers, offering a wide range of video wall solutions to companies of all sizes and across all verticals. Be it for control room operations, public spaces, classrooms, or digital signage, we develop innovative video wall solutions specific to the environment. We enable our clients to deliver next-level visual experiences to their audience through best-in-class video walls.

With their flexibility and scalability, video walls are replacing other display solutions like projectors, TVs, and large screens, and ProSigns is at the helm of this change. We understand the relevance of interactive content in today’s times and with advanced solutions like video walls, led digital signage, indoor and outdoor display systems, we deliver solutions for all your needs.

What is Video Wall

A video wall is a set of video displays arranged together to form a single, large display. It is a part of a system, called the video wall system, which is a combined unit of video controller, video wall software, and video wall display. The component screens of a video wall have thin bezels (or frames) to minimize disruption and provide continuity to the video. The screens are connected together using the “Daisy Chaining” method so that they operate in unison.

ProSigns is an all-inclusive video wall manufacturer, well-equipped in engineering video wall displays of various types, such as LCD, LED, projection cubes, and more. Our team of professionals are experts in manufacturing digital wall display systems and customising solutions according to the unique demands of clients. We take pride in delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to help companies improve their operations.

Advantages of Video Wall

The video wall is an integrated solution that combines the power of high-resolution displays with robust processing capabilities and easy content management. Wondering why you should use a video wall?

  • Visually superior: Video walls have higher resolution, provide superior brightness, and deliver unmatched visual quality which will impress every eye.
  • Flexible: Video walls allow you to change display content easily which is a key requirement for businesses today. No need to order new displays or switch signage for changing display content– with video walls, you can do it instantly.
  • Reliable: Most digital signage solutions need to operate 24/7. Such constant use calls for high-quality products with reliable performance. Video walls are the perfect solution for these environments.
  • Low maintenance: Video walls satisfy a key requirement of digital signage – maximum uptime. They are resilient, long-lasting, and have lower maintenance costs compared to projectors, single screens, etc.
  • Scalable: The scalability offered in terms of size and shape is massive. You can scale up/down the display size by simply adding/removing display units. They can be free-standing or wall-mounted, small or big, curved or straight depending on your needs.
  • Multi-source visualization: You can display content from multiple sources together on video walls. Each tile can display different content of various formats together on a single video wall.
  • Easy control: Users can easily control the display on the video wall using a feature-rich software interface. With advanced content manipulation tools, users can control what to display, where, and how – empowering them to create fully customizable experiences.
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